Landscaped Pyramids in Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 8, Madrid

As mentioned in our previous article, GEASYT participated in the project and construction works for the conditioning of the roof of the building situated in Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 8, Madrid; which is managed by Madrid Espacios y Congresos.

The building is two floors high and the roof is landscaped in order to reduce the visual impact of the building’s services machines. With this in mind, a series of pyramidal volumes made out of steel with circular cross-sections are designed to contain the equipment.

The exterior surfaces on the sides of the pyramids are designed in order to provide correct ventilation to the equipment located inside through a steel grid; as well as holding a small garden, held inside stainless steel flowerpots, with elix variegatade, teucrium fructican, escallonia macrantha and spiraea van houitei.

The pyramids’ roofs are covered with tramex and artificial turf.

The building’s roof is covered with white fine gravel and pine bark in triangular sections, allowing for transit through flagstone-covered walkways.

The inside of the pyramids is perfectly conditioned for the equipment’s maintenance, with individual lighting for each pyramid.

In conclusion, the landscaping of the building’s roof in order to reduce the visual impact of the building’s services equipment is considered a success, with integration of green areas into a space previously in disuse.

Acerca de GEASYT
GEASYT, S.A. desde 1985: Ingeniería, arquitectura y management. GEASYT, S.A. since 1985: Engineering, architecture and project management.

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