Thermal Simulation: Patio de Cristales of Madrid’s Town Hall

The Patio de la Cristales, opened in May 2010 (read more, in presents itself as a very complex space concerning comfort conditions both during the summer and in winter. Covered by a glass vault with an area of around 2500 m2 and with a height of over 20 metres, along with high occupation indexes, the space is an HVAC challenge.

Fortunately, the possibilities that computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models bring to the table allow for thermal simulations to be performed, resulting in vital data concerning the viability and efficiency of different HVAC designs.

GEASYT S.A. presents system with low-speed air inlets at ground level, paired with underfloor heating/cooling, that concentrates the energetic effort in the lower area of the courtyard, guaranteeing comfort conditions in the occupied space.

Thanks to the use of a CFD model, the space is modelled and extreme scenarios are simulated both in summer and winter conditions, with an occupation of one thousand people;  including in the simulation thermal loads from solar radiation, the effect of the underfloor heating/cooling system and shades projected by the constructive elements in the patio and its occupants. The air inlets and outlets are also modelled with their corresponding control system.

The obtained results, with an emphasis on temperatures in the courtyard and air speed, prove the system’s efficiency and its inherent advantages concerning energy efficiency.


Evacuation Simulation: Sports Hall in Las Palmas

The simulation consists of the upper sectors of the Sports Hall in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The objective is to guarantee that the design of smoke control system provides safe evacuation routes for the occupants in the building, as well as helping in the optimization of exit distribution and route sizing.

The simulation enables the user to monitor over time the number of people in each sector of the building, as well as the use of exits and doors in and out of the different sectors.