New year: new projects!

We have the pleasure to announce the opening of our Facebook site. Our page will enable us to build more direct lines of communication with our clients and suppliers, updated weekly with relevant news, interesting links, updated information, exclusive promotions and much more.

GEASYT @ Facebook

We invite you to join us on Facebook in order to help us to strengthen our relationship with you, making information management much easier and speeding up communications with all of you that, in one way or another, are part of the GEASYT family.

We would also like to use this time to follow GEASYT on Youtube, where we will keep posting engineering-related videos; as well as on LinkedIn, the professional social network that enables contacting with thousands of people and companies in the sector.

We thank you in advance for your participation in these new projects, that have us thrilled and full of energy, and we hope that our relationship isstrengthened. 

¡Happy new year to all!

Website update

We open today our new website, with revised and updated contents. We have also added an English and French version, in addition to the existing one in Spanish, due to the increasing internationalisation of our clients. You can access our new site by clicking here.

Additionally, GEASYT’s paper on the thermal simulation for the Patio de Cristales of Madrid’s Town Hall, presented during the XIV International Congress on Project Engineering has been selected to be published internationally.