Tower in Benguela, Angola

Situation: Benguela, Angola (see, on Google Maps)
Project date: 2007
Surface: 30.000 m2

This tower is a 28 storey building which contains commercial, residential and office areas situated in Benguela, Angola.  I3 CONSULTORES is the studio behind the project, architects Eduardo Leira and Raimundo Argüeso.

Our project consists in the construction of a commercial gallery, a large supermarket and three commercial buildings aside (one dedicated to do-it-yourself stores, one for electrical appliances and another for automobile services). The commercial gallery is open to several commercial and entertainment activities integrated thanks to the use of pedestrian-only streets that structure and provide unity to the building. These activities include different-sized stores,  cinemas, restaurants, a gym, a bowling alley and family-entertainment.

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We used state-of-the-art thermal simulations to analyze the efficiency of the smoke evacuation system designed for the atrium in the residential area. You can watch one of these simulations here:

Fire Simulation: Pabellón de Cristal, Casa de Campo, Madrid

Property: Madrid Espacios y Congresos
Location: Casa de Campo, Madrid

Geasyt performs a study of smoke control and evacuation for the Pabellón de Cristal building in Casa de Campo, Madrid.

 The system’s components are modelled, including sprinklers, air inlets and outlets, an aspiration smoke detection system, etc.

Amongst other output variables, both temperatures and smoke layer height are monitored in the inside of the bulding; as well as visibility and CO concentration.

The use of computational simulations for complex buildings such as this one allows us to perform a thorough analysis of different design possibilities in order to optimize smoke control and evacuation systems in our projects.